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Week of March 23-27

Hello 4th and 5th Graders!  I thought it would be fun to share with you one of my favorite "Classic" stories titled Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. If you would like to listen to me read this Newberry Award winning book, I will be posting a few chapters each week for your listening pleasure!  Also, remember that you can read books at home using our online library.  If you have any questions about how to access our online library, please let me know.  Stay healthy and enjoy this time with your family.  Hope to see you back in the library soon.

- Mrs. Manley

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Week of March 30- April 3

Hello 4th and 5th Graders!  This Monday you should have gotten a reading Tic-Tac-Toe paper from your teacher.  What I would like you to do is challenge yourself to read different genres of books.  Watch the video to see the instructions.  Happy Reading!

- Mrs. Manley

Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month

Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fun to share our "Poetry Suitcase" with all its treasures! You might remember some of these poems from last year.  Maybe you can send me one of your favorite poems that I can include in the suitcase for next year.  Just send me an email at  I hope you are staying healthy and happy!  I miss you!

-Mrs. Manley

Beatrix Potter

Week of April 6-10

Hello 4th and 5th Graders!  Last month we did a little research lesson using Utah's Online Library. We researched about Saint Patrick using the World Book Online.  This week I thought it would be fun to learn about one of my favorite authors using the Gale Kids Info Bits.  You can get started by watching the tutorial video, and clicking here for the research questions.  You will need to email your teacher (or me) for the username and password to open  Have fun this week!

-Mrs. Manley. 

Temple Grandin

April is National Autism Awareness Month

I love to read Biographies!  Biographies are true stories about people written by someone else.  This month is National Autism Awareness month.  So, I thought it would be fitting to read the book titled The Girls Who Thought in Pictures: the story of Dr.Temple Grandin written by Julia Mosca.  This is a true story about a scientist who has autism.  She did some amazing things to help farmers and their cows.  I hope you are inspired by her remarkable life.  If you want to learn more about her, check out her website.  -Mrs. Manley

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day

What is Earth Day?  Who started it?  Why does it matter?  Well, if you would like to learn more about earth day, here are some research questions to answer using Utah's Online Library.  Watch this video on Storyline Online to learn about what happened to some trash from a city in New York.  If you want to learn more about Earth Day, check out this website.  Have a great week! -Mrs. Manley


April 23rd is W. Shakespeare's Birthday

William Shakespeare was born around April 23, 1564.  He  did so much for the English Language.  He  developed over 1700 words including blanket, bedroom, luggage, and laughable.  He wrote poems and plays, and is considered the worlds most popular author.  Take a look here if you want to learn more about him.  Thanks to the "Specials Team", we were able to make this video of a readers theater so you can learn what happened to The Original Globe Theater.

Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Some people think that Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that started in Mexico.  But the real story is that it started in California by some college students who wanted to honor their Mexican culture and heritage.  To learn more about Cinco de Mayo, check out Utah's Online Library and search in Gale Kids Infobits.  I love to travel and have been to Mexico.  What a beautiful country!  If you want to do a little research, watch the video I made on how to use Culture Grams, and answer these questions.

Author Talk

Week of May 11-15

Gary Paulsen has written over 175 books for young readers.  His books usually are Fictional-Adventure books, based on experiences in his life.  Guts is a book he wrote about events in his life that inspired him to write Hatchet.  If you would like to listen to some stories from this book, I recorded myself reading some of my favorites (they're kind of gross, so don't listen if you have a weak stomach!) If you would like to learn more about Gary Paulsen, click here.  Have a great week! - Mrs. Manley

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Deer Attack

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